For almost a decade, I have assisted over sixty English-speaking personal development experts from all over the world conducting workshops and training for Chinese-speaking participants. My specialty areas are coaching, management and leadership training, psychology, mindfulness, health and wellness, and spirituality. I have a professional consecutive English-Chinese (Mandarin) interpretation certificate from the University of International Business and Economics, and delivered 6000+ hours of highly accurate consecutive and simultaneous English-Mandarin interpretation.


Training programs and events I have served (this is only a partial list!):

  • Erickson International - The Art & Science of Coaching Certification Training

  • Erickson International - Coaching Team Thinking and Team Innovation

  • Consciousness Development Coaching with Advanced Metaphors, with Marilyn Atkinson

  • Coaching Powerful Negotiations, with Marilyn Atkinson

  • Aligned Action Accredited Coaching Certification Training Program

  • Advanced Coaching, with Saima Butt

  • Coaching Tools for Managers, with Damian Goldvarg

  • NLP University Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Training

  • NLP University Master Trainer, Facilitator, and Transformational Entrepreneur Certification Course

  • NLP China Conference

  • Family Constellation Training, with Bertold Ulsamer

  • Systemic Constellation Training, with Klaus Horn

  • Gestalt Therapy Training, with Tucker Feller

  • Trance Camp, with Stephen Gilligan

  • Hypnotherapy Certification Training, with Nick LeForce

  • Leadership Management International (LMI) Conference

  • Success Factor Modeling, with Robert Dilts

  • Dynamics of Excellence in Influence, with William Horton

  • NLP Sales Training, with William Horton

  • The Life Talent Programme, with Julian Russell

  • Solution States In Managing Change, with Sid Jacobson

  • Health Coaching, with Susie Smith

  • Transition Coaching, with Susie Smith

  • Somatic Communication, with Ulrich Sollmann

  • Somatic Experiencing, with Ale Duarte

  • Quantum NLP, with Christiane Turner

  • Abundance, Awareness, and Wisdom, with Judith Delozier

  • The Dominance Factor, with Carla Hannaford

  • O&O Academy and Oneness University Training

  • Five Rhythms, with Jo Hardy

  • Awareness Intensive Retreats, with Jivan Sunder

  • Gurdjieff Movements, with Jivan Sunder

… and much more